Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tubes, Tubeless & Totally Tubular Dude.

Well it looks like Dugast is setting me up with some of their new tubulars to try out, and I am not talking 'cross tires. They have a new MTB tread, and they will be glued up on some of the new Reynolds carbon wheels the Topo MTB Wheel. It will be interesting to see how well they ride in comparison to the tubeless variety I have come to love so much. Can't even remember when I rode tires with tubes last? I probably would not be able to even change a tube at this point. It sound like Frischy, a couple of top world cup riders and myself will be the only ones on these until mid-summer. Frischy should come and join Lance Armstrong and Dave Weins for the Leadville 100, that way Dave & Frischy could work LA over a bit. I think in Lance's last mtb race (NORBA National Mount Snow 1999) he was in the 30's somewhere, but I am sure as this race gets closer, the press will play out all of the stats. The circus is coming to town.

Frischy on his proto Dugast-Ritchey tubulars

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