Saturday, February 02, 2008


Stolen from another blog who stole it from a website
I loved to watch McGrath race, just as this pic inspires. I would throw big cross ups on the double back at our track in Gunnison on my 'cross bike. Its scary when that front wheel gets hung up on your foot from the overlap.

It's cold again, but that did not stop me from hitting the trails, I am working out an XC circuit for training and for a Jugend Training Camp I am going to organize. Keep feeding the pipeline, get the young ones hooked.

BKW had a a great post the other day, it made me remember the passion inside for cycling. That burining to ride that is primal, goes back aways in our past, from the times when we cruised the neighborhood sidewalks, local bmx tracks and around town. The suffering is sweet, and the rewards great. I love it.

It was a wet one today, yesterdays snow was all but gone, but it left the trails soft and soaked with moisture. My clothes looked like they belonged in an abstract artist exhibit in Berlin, splattered with various shades of mud, muoss and other debris kicked up by my wheels. Someone started to build some north-shore style features in a random place out in the woods, I will tie that into my race loop...

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