Friday, February 08, 2008

Ganz Schnell...

Team Car showed up yesterday, we bought a Toyota Verso, kinda like a Matrix, only a bit bigger. Think cross between a Highlander and a Matrix. Black on black, nice! Need to get some stickers done up from IF and EDGE.

The weekend outlook is nice, sunny and 50F all weekend. We rode again yesterday, a nice spin to open our legs up. Sandi wants to do a berg rennen (up hill running race), 450hm uber 7.2km, that's 1350 verticle feet over over nearly five miles for you none mertic folks. I figured why not, good training for the single speed. A little over a month until the first race, looking forward to sizing the Euro's up and seeing how fast they are on 1x1's. I hope to get a group ride and run w/ Colin in over the weekend.

Post office has relocated my box of EDGE wheels, and they are on they way back to me. The new site is almost done, tying up some loose ends and we will go online soon. Also drawing up some plans for more riding clinics for the summer.

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