Monday, July 21, 2008


Here is some stoke for those of you need a push (or just some good bike porn even if you do not). Katie is killing it again. A short track title to add to her closet full of stars&stripes from cross. Her mtb is nothing short of a crossbike with a sloping toptube and flat bars. pretty cool.

Aka. "Rad Ross" stuck it to the Left-Coasters at the Downieville Classic. Long time friend. I can tell you Ross can win on anything. He has more talent than i have seen in a rider, poor luck and a sometimes wandering focus has kept him from dominating the sport.

Sandi did her first mtb marathon, the Erbeskopf Marathon. She was 3rd in the girls and 100th overall, not bad for someone who had a kid a little less than a year ago and doesn't train nearly what she used to.

Mikey sent me some love in the form of handroasted beans from Telluride. I don't care what the Germans say, their coffee sucks. I just have to figure out how to get a steady flow coming in from the states.

With all of this stoke going on, I want to ride, ride fast. Do you feel it?


phaty said...

Jeezes find an Italian Coffee shop and buy your stuff there! Nobody with all his senses would drink German coffee in the first place.
There is great one in Neustadt by the way. Right at the Market Place.
I said that to Wunnspeed before - what is wrong with you guys? It is only one Alpencross away ...


Ken.... yes, Phaty's told me that before. We're Americans; do we listen? NO!

I hear you on the coffee. I've got a good place in M√ľnchen Vee's that roasts her own coffee. She's Vietnamese-American living in Germany. She does great things. However, it's still not Italian.

Great job on the racing both of you.