Sunday, July 06, 2008

'Za Plan

In preparing for the upcoming EuroBike, we are working on some very schweet rides. Don't want to reveal too much here, but here is a glimps:

Deluxe 29er

Can't give you details on the 29er yet, but it will surely garner much attention as will another 'project' bike that will eventually be in the loving hands of one said Phaty.

The rest of our quiver will be pimped out for the show, along with a couple owner bikes. I have been working on our booth, simple but stylish - think IKEA... D2 shoes, Paul Components and JumpStop are joining the companies we represent. We have a strong core of companies and lok forward to a busy show!



Something for Phaty... uhoh! That's trouble.

Paul makes fantastic stuff. Jumpstop... do they do anything other than the chainstop thing? Interesting and cool.

Wish I could get down to EuroBike. If we're in town I might have to figure that out. Need help? :-)

phaty said...

That sure is trouble you little punk!
And sure as hell it is 26inches ...

vriesi said...

After I can imagine how the bikes will loke like I can´t wait to see the result!
There is no doubt, that they will be the stars of the Eurobike show.
The exhibitors of ugly black plastic bikes can stay at home and try to handle with steel and titan!


I think this is what Phaty needs to ride. :-) Love ya big guy. See you at SiS. Ken, sorry to hijack your comment area.


Helps if I add the link... duh!