Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sopris in the background.
Through my travels of being a coffee rep, one of my luxuries is that I get to ride various places, and have hit a number of new rides this season. But I have found a few that are so good, I keep tagging the same ride over and over. Carbondale has been pushing in serveral new trails, all just south of town in the shadow of Mt Sopris. Trails like Monte Carlo (has a hub cap as a trail head sign), XMas Tree zig zag the contours of the base of the hillsides, clamoring to the top. If you are ever in the Aspen valley - it is very worthy.

Riding through the canopy of trees.

Coffee biz is buzzing...ha ha. It seems people pallet for a good cup of Joe never fades. We just installed a new Franke Evolution in our tasting room, very nice. It is a good thing I live two hours away...

Cranking up the intensity for 'cross season, which brings me back to Carbondale, I look forward to a nice cool autumn day on these trails aboard my new IF 'cross rig.

Monday, July 09, 2007


my sweet new IF @ FTBW

I am consumed - consumed w/ starting new, a baby, a business and racing. having missed out on the first half of the season - or so it seems, I have rededicated myself to the challenge of getting fast again. it all came to a head yesterday on a ride where I peeled the layers and through proclamation realized my desire, desire to ride fast.

my baby is already strong, not yet showing his cards to world from in the womb, he moves about with purpose and I have felt him many times. it is a amazing, I can't wait to meet this guy.

check out:


ride fast.