Friday, July 31, 2009

Dream On...

Pre-EuroBike work and hype have my full attention these days. RennRad Magzin is featuring my SSR in their September issue (on the news stand August 14th), it will be in their Dream Bike article with a full four page spread. It is on its way to the EuroBike Awards to be judged with other bikes. We entered in the Roadbike category, it will be interesting to see what comes out...

Here are some pics:

Friday, July 03, 2009


from on top of the Breitenberg (yes there is some singletrack up there...)
We are finally getting into the groove in sued-bayern, our new heimmat. The riding has been sporadic with running a business, a 21 month old, and what ever else life has to throw at you, but luckily I squeeze some in here and there. Prior to our first riding clinic down here, I was given the kitchen pass to recon some rides for our guests. We have decided to focus on the Pfronten area for our clinics and hopefully will be able to build a parcours there soon, and help build/ expand singletrack options there as well. There are some singletraks, but mostly they are for hikers, even though bikers get on them too, but there is a definite need for more and even separate trails for bikers, not only to mitigate conflicts, but Pfronten markets itself as a mountain bike area.

my twenty9er on some rare Pfronten singletrack - yes I am a convert now - anyone want to by my brand new Ti Deluxe single speed frame?

My brother in law is in town, so I took him around the Forggensee today and up to the front door of the Neuschawnstein Castle. The climb up to the castle you are on a grade of around 12% and with all of the tourists, it gave you the feeling of riding through the crowds of a major stage race in the mountains... Except I don't think some of the tourists thought it was as cool as we did. We were on the cross bike and had a good mix of road, gravel road and trail, it had just rained so it was just a little on the sloppy side.

freshly soiled and full of sweat, the aftermath of my cross ride today

Tomorrow Jochen and I are hitting the Breitenberg, should be good times...

fresh off the jig in sommverville - another soon to be very satisfied customer bike waiting to be built