Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IF does BB30

I am amazed at the following of Lefty's and other Cannondale products. We get requests on a regular basis from customers for Lefty's and SI cranks, which I myself have lusted after the cranks for some time and have looked at options of mounting some to my Ti Deluxe 29er. Fortunately for new customers there is no longer a need for adapters as IF has recently showed off a stellar Ti Deluxe 29er at Sea Otter in the Cannondale booth.

The 29er featured a sweet Lefty Carbon DLR fork and a set of Si cranks mated to the SRAM XX group.

Sandi loved her Lefty & Cannondale when she was on the MTB Chick team. We have toyed w/ the idea of building her a 29er, having seen this ride I think I now know what Sandi's next bike will be...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Soft pedaling

It has been a quiet couple fo weeks since my trip to Leipzig, well sort of. We are dropping some really nice customer bikes into the pipeline, couple of them are cyclcross bikes - more details on these later. Speaking of cross, my SSX has been seeing a lot of action as of late with my Ti Deluxe 29er off at Mountain Bike Magazin for a review.


The riding around our area is awesome for cross bikes, a fine mixture of terrain and surface types make for scenic rides with some great exploring. I have been hitting the Landwirtschaft road between hofs and villages, diving off the pave for some gravel/ fire road or even singletrack excursions. Actually found a new section today that linked two villages together.

One cyclocross event you do not want to miss out on is Critical Dirt. registrations starts at 10pm on Sunday and will have limited number of spots open. This will be sold out in no time. We are looking forward to taking part and have a few surprises for the event of our own... Be sure to visit us at EHBE for details!

This weekend we are off to Muessingen for the first German national series race. Sandi will be racing the Elite women with a  lot of the top European World Cup riders. It will be awesome to support her for this race and be so much fun to share this with Colin. There will be postings from the event over on the IFBRT blog, so check it.

Enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fresh rides: His & Hers Ti Deluxes

Here are a couple of Ti Deluxe builds we just finished up for a couple, Andre & Melanie. Andre needed a big bike while Melanie needed something more petite, of course IF was able to fit  both of their needs.

These were custom builds from top to bottom. Custom KING/ EDGE wheels for both, 29 for Andre and 26 for Melanie. Andre went XX while Melanie went XO, both came out looking stunning!

Each had custom paint with Melanie's a combo of Ruby red and White while we did a custom Mango with Black for Andre.

The two (and Lucy) took me on some of their sweet local single track for the first ride where we dialed everything in for them. They loved their bikes and saw instant improvement in their riding because of it. I also handed them some riding skills along the way, and booked them in for a riding clinic later this spring.

If you happen to live around Bad Kreuznach, you might just get a glimps of one of these beauties charging down the local trails. Thanks guys, enjoy the ride!

more pics here