Saturday, February 27, 2010

fresh rides

this one belongs to Heike Fischer from Waridi who are not only a great partner company for us, but nearly all employees are on an IF... Turned out to be a beautiful bike and we look forward to seeing her back down here in Allgaeu soon for another riding clinic weekend.

Berlin is next weekend, and we will have two new customer frames on display along with my my new Ti Deluxe 29er -just finishing the build and will post more at the IFBRT blog soon!

The weather is warm and spring like, but I am still healing, already took Munsingen off my schedule but will be looking to be ready for Gardasee Marathon.

Get out and ride!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do it.

Long-distance cyclocross, stage race goodness...

Critical Dirt

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hitting Reset

Sometimes we just need to stop and listen. After an eye infection, the flu and two surgeries to remove an infected Bursa on my left hip (Bursaitis) stemming from a road crash back in December, I am forced to stop and listen. Outside of these circumstances, a friend of mine has been encouraging me to engage in Yoga, something I used to practice religiously and while laid up in the hospital bed, Sandi dropped of a Thich Nat Than book "The Miracle of Mindefullness". I had to listen to what was being said.

Rather than being bummed about a derailed season of nordic skiing and what was to be an awesome build up to the riding season, I am stoked that I have found my way back to center. Instead of daily rituals of LT's, Tempo skis and high-rev spin classes I find myself limping around our place, settling into deep breathing exercises, internal meditation and beginning the slow process of healing (in more ways than one). Yoga will certainly be a centerpiece as I lay a new, yet stronger foundation.

Even with races in April already looming, I am strong in my confidence to be ready and even stronger than I might have been with out the train going off the tracks. I'm listening, are you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pulling Shots

Having worked in the specialty coffee industry for a number of years and being an all-around java junkie, it has been a long tedious journey to find coffee bliss in Germany. With other words I have had coffee dry spells with short bursts of decent coffee in between. The short oasis' have either been a couple kilos I drag back from the states or care packages from friends.

Fortunately things on looking up on the caffeine front. Armed with a new La Marzocco G3 (this ain't your average machine kids - you could run a full-blown cafe with one of these) and having finally sourced some yummy beans from small roasters here in the fatherland, I can honestly say we are pulling some shots that would rival many North West espresso locations. The best part is just that, the espresso that we are brewing is much like NW espresso, 100% Aribica beans, none of that Robusta crap, with some excellent sustainable growth old strain varietals blended to form complex and yet delicate blends that remind me of the good ol' cafe days.

Having been tinkering in the kitchen with several blends, we have come up with a few we like and will be offering these blends soon via our new online shop and directly at events this year. Not too mention if you make it over for a visit, come in for a bike fitting or just go on a ride here in Fuessen, you will be sure to enjoy a sot of espresso, an Americano or whatever drink you fancy. The barista is on duty, so what can we serve you?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Order # 25334 Deluxe 29er

This steel 29er is for a good friend of mine who we saved from riding, well lets just say not such a desirable bike prior. The 29er was a good choice for Sacha given that he is taller (190cm), and would help smooth out the trail for him.
The silver frame is subtle and stylish white the white and black details are a bit more flashy creating the perfect balance.

This was a complete build for Sacha, a mix of Shimano and Sram, FOX F29 Fit Fork, Thomson, KING, AMC wheels, Geax treads, Prologo saddle, Ergon grips, Magura Marts SL Mag stoppers and a King Cage. I enjoying building this one up, but I am sure he will enjoy riding it even more.


Bet he can't wait for the snow to melt and go for a ride...

Order # 25336 Deluxe

Here is a beautiful white steel Deluxe we recently built for a customer. It was a near complete new build for him with a mixture of Shimano goodies, Race Face cranks, FOX F100RLC, KING, Fizik and Thomson.

The stark contrast of white and black play out p[erfectly on the clean simple lines of the bike.

Plus the pictures in the snow with the white bike are clean and fresh. Enjoy your new ride Michael!