Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

STXC Freiburg

STXC racing has a appeal for its simplicity. Not just for the format, but the courses you can create out of simple layouts. Freiburg provided us with a great venue to put a super rad event - part dirt jump park & part crit. This combo made for some fast paced, 'man did I just pull that double?', elbow on elbow racing. What looked like an event tailored to the dirt riders (they did dominate the qualies with each of the 3 heats being won by a dirt jumper), turned out to be a battle field that saw the XC guys with skills come back late in the game to take the win. Stephan Geiss beat out series leader Arne Thoma for the win (taking home a starting spot in this year's edition of the Critical Dirt). 3 races thus far - 3 winners. The table is set for Willingen - another bmx-style course for what is sure to be a sweet weekend of racing! David G & I will line for the STXC - while David & Basti will rock the enduro. Ouch!

In the meantime here are some pics from this past weekend: