Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wanted: Lifetime Partner

Sexy young firey single seeks equally ambitious mate for adventurous lifestyle

I love my bikes. Each one has been built with a purpose, and they perform perfectly. That is why I cannot believe I am selling one of my friends. I listed it today on EBay, and it saddens my deeply to see this one go. But something has to give, it is either it or my wife... With a new arrival on the way (bike that is), room has to be made. So with a saddened heart, we are about to part ways. If youknow a good home for her, go to EBay, and show your love.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Get the 411 on the new cyclocross series on the western slope. Six races, 3 race weekends, lots of fun. Our GunniCross will be one of the venues, did my Wednesday morning Worlds workout on the campus course, felt great, but got some funny looks from students in between their classes. Tried to drag Dave Wiens out, but he was working on his 'Honey-Do' list. Sounds like Dave is planning some 'cross racing this fall.

Sandi's blingle speed is all set, ready for action - be looking for pics soon, also on the webpage.

They are bending my stays as I write this, the 953 project is rolling along, can't wait for this bike.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Hutchinson Bulldogs

Hutchinson Bulldog 34c cross tire

I have been riding these new Hutchinson Bulldog cross tires for a couple of weeks now, and as a guy who loves his tubulars, I have to say that these are great tires, even though they are clinchers. Mounted up on a set of the beautiful white DT Swiss RR 1450 Mon Chasseral wheels, DT's 'light' climbing wheels, this setup was very light, and fast. I ran just under 40psi in both front and rear.

As mentioned, I love the ride of tubulars, and have ridden my wife's setup on occassion, Ksyrium SL's with Kenda Small Block 32c tires - which I dislike as much as long visits from in-laws. Her setup is harsh, the wheels are too flexy and unpredictable in corners, and sketchy all around. My preferred setup are my Reynolds Cross carbon tubulars w/ Dugast 34c Rhinos, which I run around 32-35psi in. So going to an all aluminum wheel w/ a clincher, admittingly I was skeptical.

To my surprise, my first ride out, I warmed up quickly to this new setup. The wheels proved to be stiff laterally for great cornering, but supple enough to smooth out the ride. The 34c Hutchinson Bulldogs complimented the wheels, with predictable grip in various conditions, supple ride, not too mention a cool Euro appeal in their silver/ black skin, pairing nicely with the white scheme of the wheels.

After hitting the Lower Loop trail up in Crested Butte on my Indy Fab Planet Cross, I found this setup to be much more. The wheels hooked up nicely on loose climbs and descents, and were a blast to ride through the corners. I never felt like I was over-riding the wheels, and even ran down a couple of mountain bikers.

Perfect pairing

Back on the campus cross course, perfectly timed sprinkler systems afforded me the opportunity to turn some wet laps on the grassy lawns. Off-camber, downhill and tight turns were no match for these tires and wheels. I pushed hard through the turns, and lept out of the saddle on the steep inclines with not a hint of any slipping. Even on very slick corners these tires grabbed like velcro.

So would I race this setup? Absolutely. The Hutchinson Bulldogs paired up with the DT Swiss Mon Chasseral's provide a inspiring package that would benefit any cross rider. These will be seeing much more action this season, including some races.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Brewing the midnight oil

my home for the 24hours in the sage

I spent the weekend brewing up coffee and espresso for my fellow riders during the 24hours in the sage in Gunnison. From early afternoon 'til 1am and then 4am until the finish, I kept those turning laps well caffeinated, some of whom came back w/ high fives for turning their fastest laps on my juice. It was cool to be on the sidelines for this one, but couldn't help thinking Sandi & I were giving up our Single Speed titles, as Eldora was also going one. It was cool to see Mark Compton taking the men's title while a timeless Charlie Hayes was 2nd. The womens field looked very racey as well with Judy Freeman among others our there.

Hope the heat dissipates soon, and we get some more monsoon moisture, maybe a delivery from Dean??? Colors are starting show in spots on the hillsides, signs of things to come...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the build up...

Piss Off #36, Owner: Erik Lindner,Bavaria, Germany - a Ferrari in the driveway could not be any sexier.

The build up for the CX season is long been under way. The buzz is rampant in the blogosphere, mags, shops. It is palletable. Today will serve up 2x 20min at full throttle out Goldbasin Road on the cross bike. I love cross workouts, more than any other. Just turning laps on a cross course is a joy.

Squadra is printing up my new IF kit - just for me. It will debut at CrossVegas on my new 953 cross bike, also a one-off. Slowly getting my build dialed in as well.

Trying to pull everything together for out CX events, a lot in the works! Can't wait to get a chance to throw down in Belgium this season, having raced there before (Houffalize MTB World Cup), I look forward to being back there in the thick of the action.

Saw some leaves changing on my drives this week, just hints of the coming season... also I have noticed many cyclo-tourists out on the roads this summer - more than any other.

Monday, August 13, 2007

time for a change

riding the UpperLop in CB

Saturday was spent revising our two 'cross courses in anticipation of our ACA double points weekend (October 13 & 14) and the UCI C2 (November 10). Kelly Hall is getting a remodel, forcing us to make some changes to our campus course, but change is good. I turned several laps on the latest version, and feel that the course is even better, more turns and elevation change. The grass is already getting faster, and made for 7 - 8 min laps (4-6min last year). The course across the street will feature a new section, adding time and a bigger run-up onto the course. Clean this section and se your gaps open up.

Spent the rest of the weekend pedaling the mtb, following Frischy's lead, I lay down around 3 hrs of followup to saturday's efforts out in Hartmans - definetly can sense a change in the air.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I am not much of a roadie, I like to feel dirt under my wheels. So today for my tempo 'road' ride, the bike path from Carbondale to Basalt lead me to West Sopris road, and eventually a nice dirt climb. Sweating under the return of the summer sun, I climbed, continuing my game of catchup in prep for the 'cross season. No weight training (just started), no big races in my legs, just the desire and fire inside to be fast come the meaty part of the season.

My reward for my efforts, besides some good feeling pain, was some sweet singletrack going down Prince Creek, a ribbon of twisting and turning singletrack. Sorry no pics, I was having too good of a time to stop for a photo op of my bike (or tagging links of my bike and sponsors like a NASCAR driver - leave that for when you are on the podium at a big race - not a town series). However, I will say riding a cross bike on singletrack is one of my more favorite things to part-take in, not too mention the skills gained in this endeavor. Down in the drops you can get flying, and once you have the rhythm, you can really haul the mail - and Greg, I did not roll any tires.

The road descent from the bottom of the singletrack is so fast, I dropped a car going back into Carbondale.

Jonathan Page will be joining us for our Koppenberg Cross Week in Belgium for two days of riding and dinner. We will pre-ride Koppenberg with Page the day before the race and have dinner that night, and will also ride with him the following Friday. The trip is from October 28 - November 4, and costs $2500 not including airfare, but most everything else! It will surely be a great time. for all of the details.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cycle of things

I wish 'cross season followed nordic season. when I come off the skis, my fitness is there, and I can just hammer. with the lack of many races on the mtb this season, I am playing catch up, building towards 'cross season. I would be so much easier hoping on the bike after snow season. It should from winter to fall, and fall to winter, no wait. Spring is pretty good too. I love the cool, yet warming spring riding, thos first few times out on the bike, heading to Fruita for the warmer riding weather (it is frigging cold in Gunnison in the dead of winter). The buzz of seeing 40 - 50 degree days down there. OK. It should go spring, fall and then winter, and keep cycling this way. Summer sucks.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Now that is PRO

I'm going to show her my 'Oh Face', OH...OH...OH...

Not being an Olympic sport, there are some serious resources going into winning 'crpss races. I guess it comes down to popularity and selling bikes. Is a gold medal worth more than a Tour win, or a Classics win???

Good day in the saddle, as it was perfect riding weather, gloomy, cool and sometimes wet. Slowly building for cross...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Small Guys

Spending my day canvasing the shops around Denver/Boulder, it was great to see so many small shops thriving. Props to many of these forgoing the big brands and supporting smaller companies and framebuilders.

Growing up in Burlington, Iowa, we had a great scene. My first intro to cycling was actually cyclocross, when I was about five. I remember going out on a cold day, my father was interested to see this bike race that he had heard about, and we watched men on road bikes turn laps around Perkins park. I remember the mud, and the hills they had to ride up and down. I don't recall getting hooked on biking that day, but the memories last, which may mean something...

We had The Cyclery, and shop run by Tom Clayton. His daughter was a good rider on the track, and he supported many of the local roadies. Peugot, Redding, Rosa were some of the bikes he carried and I scored my first pair of shoes and helmet from him, out of a pile of old gear he had in back. I remember that the helmet, which was leather had a musty scent, almost moldy and the buckle was rusted. I didn't care, in fact I was so stoked to put it on and ride those shoes, I think the laces snapped the first time I laced them up.

The Cyclery is no longer, and besides the annual Snake Alley Criterium, Burlington's bike scene has seen better days. Maybe what they need is a good old fashioned cyclocross race to get the next generation hooked.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

AVG 172

172. That was my average for an 1hr 45 min ride last night. Went on the group ride for some good road mileage to pile onto my 'cross training regiment. Broke out my 1x1 IF cross bike, 44x17. Between headwinds, undulations in the road, and some overzealous counterparts, I had it pegged. It felt great, and I know if I keep that up, come the bell lap, it will come in handy - the chaser becomes the chased.

September 26, VegasCross
September 29 - 30, AspenCross
October 13-14, GunniCross
October 20-21, EagleCross
October 28 - November 4, Koppenberg Cross Camp, Belgium
November 10, UCI MountaineerCross, Gunnison
November 11, UCI SqwakerCross, Durango
November 18-25, Thanksgiving Cross Camp w/ Katie Compton, Koksijde, Belgium