Saturday, December 03, 2011


This time of the year always presents a paradox. Cyclocross is in full swing, the muddy, gnarly (not too mention) fun part of the season, while it also is a season for hunkering down to enjoy some good homemade, slowfood, seemingly trying to put on a nice layer of pre-winter insulation. Then there is the anticipation of the ensuing snow season and all of its sweet winter sport treats. Ah the torture...

Some good friends of mine in the eastern part of Germany have embraced the season are are combining a couple of my favorite aspects of the season to create some really cool events. If you happen to be in or near Leipzig, then I would implore you to check out Winter Radale. A crosstivus of special sorts with a grassroots cross race followed by good food, drinks and healthy helping of some the of nicest people I have had the pleasure of being around. Here is a teaser:

another event deserving of a visit is the Glühweinrennen in Dresden. 4 EUR, a helmet, a mug (you'll need it if you want some spiced hot red wine) and  costume get you in for what is sure to be a good time. Need proof?

Last but least are the CX Single Speed Italian Championships put on by the single speed mafia and Biciclista. This one is for a not to miss (unless your name is Julie or Chris - in which case you might be held down and branded...)

Besides great racing, food and prizes, there is a contest for the "Best Single Speed Crosser", make sure to bring your Blingle-speed because you will be going up some seriously stylish Italians!

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